The Green Goddess

Christopher Iverson is the Executive Producer and one of the stars of The Green Goddess movie.  The Green Goddess was filmed in several countries including Switzerland, Holland, Germany, the U.K. and America.  Most of the 26-person film crew was from America and most of them had never even traveled outside America.  The backdrop for the story is an old farm in Switzerland where the three characters grow a huge field of hemp that is the size of six football fields!  They plant the field with the planting tractor that his company invented and the house that he lived in was used in many of the scenes.  The plants shown throughout the film were actually plants grown by his company. The film is semi-documentary based on his own personal experiences.  Many of the amazing characters seen in the film are actually friends of his he met throughout the years.  The hit music that will be featured on the double CD soundtrack was mostly compiled from diverse musicians and groups that he got to know and that are some of the most up and coming artists on the music scene today.  All in all there are over 300 people involved now with the creation of The Green Goddess.

The Green Goddess is being released soon and you can download a copy of the movie from our website once it is available.  For now check out the movie trailer and visit us on social media;