2002 – Swiss Cannabis Grower Makes a Movie – Article in Cannabis Culture Magazine

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By Pete Brady on October 3, 2002

In the Swiss Alps near Lucerne, Switzerland, acres of marijuana grow strong and tall in alpine sun. The colors of autumn are setting in, and the multiple varieties of cannabis I photographed there recently are putting on quite a show. Buds are deep purple, almost burgundy colored. Leaves are russet and gold. Resin crystals glow as nearby farmers harvest apples and make apple ciders.

American marijuana activist Christopher Iverson, who spent many years toiling for ganja legalization in Portland, Oregon, is the godfather of the ganja fields. He left the USA six years ago, looking for a country that would allow him to grow marijuana outdoors. He found it, and now he is memorializing his cultivation experiences in Switzerland by producing and starring in a semi-autobiographical new movie: “Green Goddess.”

I was from dawn to dusk in Iverson’s marijuana fields, wearing out my camera and becoming covered in sticky resins. The aroma of ganja swirled around me as I watched Fontell Flowers, who co-stars in the film, chopping plants that had stalks four inches in diameter.

Flowers is an extremely handsome African-American actor and musician who is part of a trio or characters who carry the Green Goddess plot through twists and turns that involve planting and harvesting tons of weed, visiting Amsterdam in search of holy ganja wisdom, and touring an insane asylum with an insane guide.

Iverson is one of the pot world’s most gracious hosts. His Swiss chalet and farm have been visited by many marijuana movement luminaries, trance dancers, yogi girls, hashmakers, space cadets, and artists.

He took time from his busy schedule of moviemaking and hospitality to show me some segments already filmed for the movie. I laughed like a monkey while watching Iverson’s character – Christian Green – inventing a huge vaporizer that spews ganja essence from a massive air duct.

Iverson is a natural comic actor; during the hallucinatory and revelatory journeys that the protagonists take in the film, he brings a mad scientist mayhem to even the most docile scenes.

“This movie is meant as a love story about ganja, as an education tool for marijuana growers, as a documentation of what we have achieved here, and as a trip-out fun time that people will find interesting and hilarious whether or not they are potheads,” Iverson says. “We have been blessed because the Swiss government has been far more reasonable than other governments in how it handles ganja cultivation. We are worried that outside political pressure might cause the Swiss to tighten their policies, so this film will be a historical record of a time when eight foot tall ganja plants could freely sway in the breeze in the Swiss countryside.”

Green Goddess will boldly go where no other ganja movies have gone, showing the planting, tending and harvesting of massive amounts of marijuana while also exploring spiritual and political themes in a way that produces laughter and insight. Iverson, an eclectic man who has been vegetarian for over ten years practices meditation, yoga, ganja spirituality, and goddess worship. His genius for creating excellent human relationships and facilitating parties, raves, activism, and group creativity are well evident at the mountainside home where cast and crew live and work.

The film will have an original soundtrack that reflects the multi-cultural make-up of the actors and influences, and the film’s editors are using cutting edge technology and experimental creative techniques to make it visually stimulating, especially for people with altered consciousness.

Iverson intends to release the movie on April 20th next year, timing it to coincide with the fabled 420 numeric code that identifies pot people the world over.

“We would benefit from investors who want to get a piece of what is sure to be a very strong motion picture,” Iverson says, hoisting a ganja tree above his head. “Our website will be interactive and targeted toward creating buzz for the movie, and we are working hard to make this a high performer at all levels so that our message of ganja, freedom and personal growth will work for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.”

As a veteran viewer of all movies that have ganja themes, I can assure that Green Goddess will be a hot movie that has audiences cracking up across the world. Visit the www.greengoddessmovie.com website, and if you want to sponsor the movie by becoming a donor or investor, contact Iverson via email at TheGreenGoddessMovie420@gmail.com.